Hemp Is So Wonderful… This Is Why!

Hemp is a commonly used term for high growing varieties of the Cannabis plant and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed. Hemp is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel.

Other variants of the herb Cannabis are widely used as a drug, commonly known as marijuana. These variants are typically low-growing and have a higher content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). GanjaAngels.com The legality of Cannabis varies widely from country to country, and from state to state in the United States. In many countries, regulatory limits for concentrations of psychoactive drug compounds, particularly THC, in hemp require the use of strains of the plant which are bred for low content.

Hemp Since The Beginning Of Time

Cannabis, family Cannabaceae; species:

  • Cannabis indica
  • Cannabis ruderalia
  • Cannabis sativa L.

All have been found on every continent in this hemisphere, it was used long before its first recorded uses. It’s safe to believe, that no historian knows which peoples were first to experience her treasures. In every society where people discovered Cannabis hemp, they often discovered the five uses for hemp which include; hempen fibers, oil from the seeds, the seeds for food, a medicine, and for its narcotic properties. Cannabis use has existed for over ten thousand years, and is one of the oldest crops used for cultivation. It was cultivated in China as early as 4000 BC.

 “hemp fruit”, said; “if taken in excess, will produce hallucinations”.

 The Anatomy of Melancholy, published in 1621 recommended hemp for depression.

The New English Dispensatory, of 1764 suggested applying hemp roots to the skin for inflammation.
In Africa hemp was used for dysentery, and fevers, today some tribes use hemp to treat snake bites, and women smoke it before childbirth.

The chemical brothers: Colorado family makes good in MMJ

During the seventeenth century, peasants believed in the magical power of hemp and practiced their traditions. On Saint John’s Eve, farmers would pick flowers from their hemp plants and feed them to their livestock to protect the animals from evil and sickness.

Hemp Equals Freedom In The New World

Crops Of Hemp

Hemp was already in the new world when the first European colonist arrived, thought to have been introduced from China by explorers, migrating birds from across the Bering Strait, or possibly drifting shipwrecks.

It is reported that the colonist were not eager to grow hemp, however, the European motherland wanted hemp, and cultivation was deemed mandatory. The Puritans at Jamestown grew hemp, as part of their contract with the Virginia Company.

Jean Talon at the order of France Quebec colony minister, confiscated all thread the colonist possessed and forced them to buy it back from him with hemp. Talon supplied the seeds to farmers, which had to be reimbursed after hemp crops were harvested.

Mandatory cultivation of hemp continued throughout the New World,

the General Court in 1637 at Hartford Connecticut and the Massachusetts courts in 1639 ordered all families to plant one teaspoon of hemp seed.

“That we might in time have a supply of linen cloth among ourselves.”

Several colonies passed legal tender laws

hemp was so valued it was used to pay taxes.

Until 1776 many colonies passed laws to encourage farmers to produce hemp, Virginia designed laws to compel farmers, fining those who did not comply. Lobbyist were hired to promote and educate the public about the importance of hemp.

Books were published that wanted to establish hemp as America’s trademark product.
Colonies under the crown were banned from spinning and weaving hemp, this fostered dependence to England, which was demanding raw materials from the colonies as a way to increase its labor forces.

The exported fibers were then bought back as finished products from England. As the market was flooded with hemp, immigrant weavers from Ireland arrived in Massachusetts, setting up shop and passing their skills to the peasantry.

What may have seemed a small movement, grew into self-sufficiency from the British Crown to the extent of a boycott of English fabric products. These were some of the conditions which lead to the War of Independence from the British.

The American paper industry was born of hemp, linen, and cotton rags which provided writing materials throughout the war, essential for communication.

In 1777, Edward Antil wrote in his introduction of Observations on the Raising and Dressing of Hemp,

Hemp seed in its raw form

Hemp seed in its raw form


Hemp Seeds

Heart health and lowered blood pressure
Hemp seeds contain essential fatty acids that can reduce blood cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy and also prevents plaque buildup in the arteries, which can ultimately lead to heart attack and strokes.

Its fatty acids also reduce inflammation that can cause high blood pressure and poor blood circulation. Therefore, hemp can significantly reduce the workload on your heart.

Ensures a healthy mind

Your brain has a lot of fatty acids found in hemp. Therefore, regular consumption of hemp can prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and can also improve your memory.

Hemp seeds can also alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and can improve your mood Glowing skin
Hemp oil is mostly used in high-end cosmetic products such as skin lotions, soaps, and lip balms. This is mainly because this oil penetrates the inner layers of the skin and promotes vigorous cell growth for a smoother and softer skin. Hemp is also good for clearing up skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and dry skin.

Weight loss

Hemp can help induce weight loss because it is a natural appetite suppressant and makes you feel full longer. Adding just four tablespoons of hemp seed to your meal can reduce your food cravings significantly. You will also feel more energy and can do workouts and other activities to lose weight.

#Itsahemplife @ganjaangels

#Itsahemplife @ganjaangels

Digestive Disorders

Hemp provides high amounts of soluble fibers which keep your digestive tract healthy and clean. Therefore, you can easily eliminate digestive disorders such as constipation and bloating.

Prevent cancer

Hemp contains lots of plant sterols and antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancers.


Hemp seeds are also helpful if you are at risk of diabetes, or are diabetic, as they can control your sugar levels. This is mainly due to its healthy fats that help in the quick absorption of glucose from the bloodstream and its conversion into energy. Therefore, your sweet cravings will decrease, and energy levels will increase.

Lastly, you can also add hemp seeds to your smoothies, sprinkle them on salads and cereals, or substitute them for nuts in your baking. They are also best for sprouting, for making refreshing hemp seed milk or to be ground into a meal.

United States of America industrial hemp farm bill

United States of America industrial hemp farm bill

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