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Tennessee Hemp Plants Receive Their First Inspections

Inspections are underway today on Tennessee hemp farms.

Written By: Matthew Frederick

For the first time in more than 7 decades, Tennessee farmers are legally tending to their hemp crops.

In January, State legislators legalized industrial hemp farming – allowing farmers to immediately begin applying for hemp licenses. Individuals interested in the initial pilot program for industrial hemp growing in Tennessee had until April 1st to submit their request. 53 individuals and businesses from across the state submitted requests.

Of the 53 applications received – the majority are seeking 5 acres or less to plant the hemp seeds. The applications ranged from one-tenth of an acre in Nashville to more than 900 acres near Memphis.

Inspections are underway today on Tennessee hemp farms. These inspections are off to a slow start due to many of the seeds being delayed in their delivery, thus creating a bit of a late planting. Inspectors from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture are inspecting the crops for THC levels and to check the growth rate of the plants. The tallest plant, six weeks old, is 72 inches tall. The inspectors are also taking and registering GPS coordinates of the fields to protect the farmers from any future intrusion by law enforcement This is relayed to authorities when they fly over fields looking for illegally planted crops.

The global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products – ranging from paper, textiles, fabric, bio-fuel, construction materials, oil paints, personal hygiene products, as well as containing the most nutritional seed on the planet. This list goes on and on. In fact, this list, per a report released by the Congressional Research Service earlier this year – states that the annual sales market for hemp products is worth more than 580 million dollars. You can check out this report Here.

It’s a beautiful day for Tennessee and the rest of the country. Much love to all the farmers in Tennessee who applied for hemp licenses. Thank you.


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Matthew Frederick

Matthew was born and raised in Southern Michigan. At age 21, he packed up and headed west to the Emerald City of Seattle - a place he still calls home.
Matthew is a writer. Passionate about many things, he balances the writing with drawing, playing guitar, and reading.
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