24 Jun 2017

Hemp could be new cash crop for Oregonia

Hemp could be new cash crop for Oregonia Written By: Corvallis Gazette-Times The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together to allow Oregon’s farmers to start planting what could become their next cash crop: industrial hemp. It’s about time. In fact, it’s well past time. Now that Oregon

27 Sep 2016

Hemp Way

  Its The Hemp Way “Necessity often being the mother of invention,” it was my own experience with food intolerance and my quest to identify realistic food options to fuel my body after I survived a severe car accident in 1996.  In my quest to maintain optimal health, I turned to hemp

26 Aug 2016

Our Planet’s Most Essential Resource

Let’s talk about the planet. Let’s talk about nature. Let’s talk about HEMP. Written By:-Matthew Frederick Cool Fact There were at least 60 tons of Hemp on the U.S.S. Constitution alone – by way of the sails, rigging ropes, sealant, pennants, flags, maps, logs, bibles, clothes, and uniforms. Cotton 50%

19 Mar 2015

Legalizing Industrial Hemp On Federal Level

Sen. Cory Gardner backs bill legalizing industrial hemp on federal level By Kieran Nicholson, The Denver Post Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner announced Thursday he is co-sponsoring the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, which would legalize industrial hemp for commercial use. If passed, the bill would exclude industrial hemp

06 Mar 2015

Hawaii Flew A Hemp Flag Over Its Capitol 1st Time

Hawaii flew a hemp flag over its Capitol For the first day of its legislative session, A hemp American flag flew over the Hawaii Capitol At the opening of its legislative session Wednesday the flag raising was sponsored by Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R), who co-sponsored a 2013 bill legalizing hemp

18 Nov 2014

Nutritional Benefits of Hemp

Nutritional Benefits of Hemp by: Mr. Ganja Hemp is one of the most potent naturally-occurring plants in the world. It has a lot of uses ranging from industry, textiles, fuel, beverages, and food. When taken in moderation, hemp has many advantages for the body.   For example, shelled hemp seeds