24 Jun 2017

Legalizing Industrial Hemp In Michigan

Two Bills Legalizing Industrial Hemp Introduced In Michigan House Written By: Rick Thompson LANSING- Two Republican House Representatives have introduced bills to allow research on industrial hemp in Michigan. One problem: they’ll have to redefine marijuana to get the proposed program to pass. HB 5439 and HB 5440, were just

26 Sep 2016

The Hemp Box

Hemp Box members will receive a surprise gift each month full of healthy and/or delicious hemp products. A monthly membership is $20 with FREE shipping within the US*. Members will enjoy hemp product samples like lotions, soaps, essential oils and tasty treats… all made with 100% legal hemp! The Hemp

12 May 2015

The True Story Of Hemp

Hemp Is So Wonderful… This Is Why! Hemp is a commonly used term for high growing varieties of the Cannabis plant and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed. Hemp is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel.

06 May 2015

Movement To Legalize Industrial Hemp Presses On

NDIANAPOLIS — Leaders of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association have been hard at work in the effort to legalize the growing of hemp as a cash crop. Jamie Campbell Petty, founder of the association, along with Vice President Tayler Glover, attended the Kentucky Hemp Spring Seminar to learn more about

04 Feb 2015

Ganja Interests

Ganja Interests Wary Of Internal Business Rivalry Written By: Neville Graham, Business Reporter Despite strong ministerial and legislative signals, segments of the marijuana lobby are unsure that sufficient protections will be afforded to the persons who currently supply the raw material. The challenges of integration for a product that is

03 Feb 2015

Investing in Hemp

Investing in Hemp This is Better Than Drug Money. Written By: Jeff Siegel Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, the plant is finding its way into more than just cigarettes. You can now find it in brownies, muffins, cakes, and — believe it or not —

07 Jan 2015

Nullify Federal Ban on Hemp Farming

Washington Bill Would Start to Nullify Federal Ban on Hemp Farming OLYMPIA, Wa. A bill prefiled in the Washington State senate this week would authorize the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same once put into effect. Senate Bill

03 Jan 2015

Connecticut Leaning Towards Hemp

Connecticut studying whether hemp can be a new cash crop Written By: Gregory B. Hladky In msbury, there’s a farmer who would like to “throw some hemp seed in the ground and see how it grows.”A Bolton entrepreneur thinks hemp pellets could be used in stoves, and a University of

02 Jan 2015

Petition For Hemp In Ohio

Written by: Johnny Green Petition started to legalize hemp and marijuana in Ohio. Petitions are not legally binding, however, they are a good tool to express interest in a political cause, especially when it comes to marijuana reform. If enough people sign a petition, activists and media members can refer

31 Dec 2014

Grandmas Smoking Weed-Funny

Back in their heyday they would have never imagined the legalization of cannabis.

17 Dec 2014

Spending Bill Adds Hemp

Federal Spending Bill Adds Hemp Protection. A federal spending bill that could be signed into law as soon as today by President Barack Obama contains language to prevent bureaucratic maneuvering that could hurt industrial hemp research efforts in states like Kentucky. Written by Gregory A. Hall, ghall@courier-journal.com A federal spending