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Progress Continues In Salem On House Bill 2668.

House Bill 2668 will spend the July 4th weekend on the Senate desk in Salem Oregon. The bill awaits its third reading after a 9-0 vote by the committee on June 23rd.

Written by: Matthew Frederick

The 9-0 vote sent the bill to Ways and Means, by order of the speaker, on July 2nd – after a recommendation of: Do pass with amendments. The bill awaits the third reading on Monday July 6, 2015.
No committee meetings are currently scheduled.

To recap the amendments

Bill Title

Relating to industrial hemp; declaring an emergency.
Changes criteria for acquiring industrial hemp license or agricultural hemp seed production permit.

Specifies that State Department of Agriculture shall rescind industrial hemp licenses if licenses were issued in manner that did not comply with enabling statute. Directs department to issue a new license to any person who previously held license if person meets criteria, as amended by Act, of enabling statute.

Directs department to provide just compensation to any person who previously held license and who does not meet criteria, provided that person met criteria as set forth in enabling statute before effective date of Act. Suspends licensing of new growers of industrial hemp until March 1, 2017. Provides for research related to industrial hemp. Directs department to form rules advisory committee to adopt and amend rules related to industrial hemp.

 As I stated in my first article about this – I believe it’s progress. Yes, even considering the suspension of licenses for new growers until 3/1/17. I believe the committee made the right move with this

as it will allow the farmers and the growers to work through these minor setbacks and be certain they solve them in the most productive way possible. Not solely for their business but for the planet as well.

We all knew this would be a process once the ball began to roll. Hey – that ball is rolling and every day we make progress. That’s really all we can ask for at this time.

Considering it took decades to get here – we should be grateful that we’re even discussing progressive steps in any state legislature.
As the great Jack Herer once wrote to me, “Love, hemp history, hemp knowledge, hemp forever…and ever…and ever.”

7/4/15 Matthew Frederick.
Reference material: Oregon State Legislature –

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