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Petition For Hemp In Ohio

Written by: Johnny Green

Petition started to legalize hemp and marijuana in Ohio.

Petitions are not legally binding, however, they are a good tool to express interest in a political cause, especially when it comes to marijuana reform.

If enough people sign a petition, activists and media members can refer to it and point out that the idea(s) contained in the petition have a lot of support, so therefore they should become law. Politicians love to jump on bandwagons when they see that the bandwagon has momentum. Below is a petition to legalize marijuana and hemp in Ohio, along with a link to sign it if you choose:

To allow all adults 21 and over who currently use cannabis and hemp in any aspect to continue to do so legally, and to legally possess marijuana-related paraphernalia that will not be subject to any penalty or fine.Legally allow adults that are 21 and over and adult parents 21 and over that have children under 21, who want to engage in the non-commercial cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis and hemp for personal use of up to 6 cannabis plants or 6 hemp plants or up to 6 plants each of the two of up to 12 plants and 8 ounces of usable cannabis and or hemp at any given time in or outside of their residence. And will not be subject to taxation, penalty, fine or any commercial regulations.
Read more on this petition: Click Here


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