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Legalizing Industrial Hemp In Michigan

Two Bills Legalizing Industrial Hemp Introduced In Michigan House

Written By: Rick Thompson

LANSING- Two Republican House Representatives have introduced bills to allow research on industrial hemp in Michigan. One problem: they’ll have to redefine marijuana to get the proposed program to pass.

HB 5439 and HB 5440, were just assigned bill numbers and are not on the Michigan government’s website yet. One bill will enact a new definition of marijuana that separates non-intoxicating industrial hemp from standard strains of medicinal marijuana; the other will adjust the agriculture laws to remove prohibitions on research and cultivation of the multi-purpose plant.

Sponsored by Reps. Kevin Daley (R- Lum) and Peter Petallia (R- Presque Isle) the bills arrive in the legislature just a little too late to allow Michigan to participate in a new federal program to explore the reintroduction of commercial hemp plantations to the United States.

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