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Investing in Hemp

Investing in Hemp

This is Better Than Drug Money.

Written By: Jeff Siegel

Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, the plant is finding its way into more than just cigarettes.

You can now find it in brownies, muffins, cakes, and — believe it or not — cattle feed, too. That’s right, cattle feed. No, no one’s getting a bunch of ruminant stoned. Instead, hemp, which is used in everything from paper and clothes to building materials and food, is also now being used as a supplemental feed. And I suspect we’re going to see it used more and more now that 15 states have legalized hemp cultivation for the first time in over 50 years.

In fact, with demand kicking into high gear, we’re actually starting to see a shortage of hemp seed. And to make matters worse, some of the seeds being imported are being held up by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. You know, to protect you from yourself.

The funny thing is, the only folks harmed by the utilization of industrial hemp are those who regularly suck off the government teat. And those are the same folks who despise competition in a real free market.

Since the Dawn of Time

Hemp has been used since the dawn of time. And with good reason. Its stalk fibers are stronger and longer lasting than cotton, making it ideal as a thread in textiles. The fibers can also be blended with flax, cotton, or silk to soften it for use in clothing and linens. The innermost fibers of hemp stalks are a little woodier and are often used as mulch, animal bedding, and litter.

Because of its negligible THC concentrations, hemp is also used in foodstuffs from milk to seeds to oil. Some 95% of hemp seed sold in the E.U. is used in animal and bird feed.

Hemp oil extracted from crushing and grinding its seeds is also used in creams and moisturizers, oil-based paints, biodegradable plastics, and biofuel.

The Return of Hemp

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