Why Are Hemp Products Best

 Written by: Mr. Ganja

 Why Are Hemp Products the Best

Now that the Cannabis plant is becoming more legal, we look to a future of hemp that is more widely used. Hemp is a wonderful alternative to many different products you already use and is a variation of the Sativa Cannabis plant. Hemp was what our ancient ancestors used to make paper, canvas, clothing, and rope until we started developing the resources we now use for these products. But what can hemp really do for you?

A Study Textile For Our Clothing Needs

Hemp is used for many different types of clothing. Its fibers are more soft, warmer, durable, and more absorbent than many of the fabrics used today. Another great advantage of using hemp as posed to other fabrics is that it is naturally mold resistant, weather resistant, and extraordinarily cost-effective. It grows fast and is rich in cellulose.

An Alternative To Oil

The price of oil keeps raising making it difficult to even own a car. With the environmental concerns that are being voiced, many cars are being made to run on all kinds of fuels.

One of the most environmentally friendly oil alternatives you will find is hemp oil.

It burns clean while producing methanol which is a far better alternative to oil. It grows fast and it helps save trees which can take out the pollutants that we have put in the air.

Great for the Skin and Hair

With the alarming amount of chemicals that are placed in beauty products, there is a growing need for something more natural to place into beauty products to make them safer. Not only are hemp products great for its ability to cure many common skin conditions, it can also be used to keep people from having allergic reactions. Those who have used hemp have removed those harsh chemicals that are known to cause damage to the skin.

Saving Trees

Hemp can be used for paper to prevent more trees from being cut down. It produces high quality paper that does not yellow with age and is highly resistant to decomposition. It is also easier to recycle and does not contain acid. It also doesn’t need bleach to make it the perfect color for paper like wood does. It can also be used as a construction material that would be able to replace wood. Hemp is twice as strong as wood which makes it a better choice for buildings.


Since it is a variation of the Cannabis plant, it has been banned from being grown in the United States.



It could help us in so many areas of our lives while also enabling us to save our planet. It could remove the harsh chemicals that are in our beauty products and clothes while helping us cure skin diseases at the same time. It could help us build our homes and create paper for us to use without having to use chemicals to bleach it white. This sadly misunderstood plant could s by creating a fuel that is not harmful to our planet while enabling us to save money at the same time.


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