Hemp Eyewear – hemp fibre sunglasses

Hemp Eyewear – hemp fibre sunglasses

All sunglasses are made by hand in the UK


  • The sunglasses are coated in an eco friendly resin which adds extra waterproof and strength properties.
  • We use polarised lenses (colour – brown). They are made from bio material, our lenses are some of the most eco-friendly on the market.
  • Spring hinges are used in the frames. They are made from high nickel which gives them excellent resistance to corrosive conditions.
  • Our sunglasses are unisex size
  • Every pair has a unique aesthetic as the plant fibres form different structures in the material.
  • Every pair of hemp eyewear comes with a handmade hemp box and a hemp drawstring bag for the sunglasses. Pledge for 2 or more sunglasses and they will come with a hemp keyring made from the manufacturing waste material (lens blank).
  • Hemp eyewear is recyclable & biodegradable (don’t worry they wont disappear if you leave them outside overnight)

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