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The Many Uses of Hemp

The Many Uses of Hemp


Hemp is a very useful and ecologically sustainable material. It has been continuously used by humankind for over 6000 years, but its many uses are little known by the general public. This wonder-plant deserves more recognition for its eco-credentials and versatility.

Not only is hemp growable on smaller plots of land than other commercial crops, it is also a carbon negative raw material and can grow effectively without the pesticides and fertilizers required for some other crop types.

Hemp is useful as a fiber, used to make cordage, from ropes to yarn, durable fabric for clothes and other items. Pure hemp is similar to linen in texture, and naturally offers a pleasant array of shades. The hemp fibers can also be mixed with other fabrics like pure cotton to create softer clothing.

Hemp fibers have also found their way into the world of ecological construction. The tough, durable hemp fibers have a number of uses in house building. Hemp has been used in ‘hempcrete‘, blocks made of lime and hemp that can be used as wall infill or insulation. Hemp fiber boards have been used instead of wood boards, and hemp has been added to increase thermal efficiency of internal lime renders and plasters.
For millennia, hemp fibers have been used to make paper, though this remains a niche market today.

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A more modern use of hemp is something that those ancient users of hemp could not even have dreamed of. The use of hemp in bio-plastics and composite materials, most commonly in the automotive industry. Some modern cars contain as much as 20kg of hemp per car. Speaking of cars, you may even be able to run your car on hemp, which can be used to make bio-diesel, or ‘hempoline‘ as hemp fuel is sometimes called.
The seeds of the hemp plant are also very useful as a versatile food-stuff.

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The seeds can be eaten raw, ground into flour, sprouted, made into hemp milk (akin to soy milk) or pressed for their oil. Processed, it is used to make a huge range of products, from hemp tofu, to ice-cream, to breads, pancakes, pastas, butters and cereals. Hemp seed is high is essential fatty acids, and is an excellent protein source. It is a more ‘complete protein’ than many other grains and legumes, which makes it of particular interest to vegetarians and vegans.

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Hemp seed oil is not only used in food, it is also used to make a range of health and beauty products. The fatty acids in hemp seed oil are excellent emollients and lubricants. Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids are said to be particularly beneficial to those who suffer with dry skin, and may even have medical benefits for those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

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Other health benefits are said to include improving heart health, lowering cholesterol, and boosting the immune system. Hemp may even help to combat fatigue, and is said to contribute to a general feeling of healthiness and well-being.

So, from our houses to our hearts, hemp has many useful applications. It is often a better alternative than other grains or fibers, both in terms of results, and ecologically. So order hemp products wholesale online today, and help yourself, and the environment.

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