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Family Explores Healing Powers Of Hemp

Wis. Family Explores Haling Powers Of Hemp

Lindsey Seavert, KARE

RIVER FALLS, Wis. – It will be six months before medical marijuana will become legal in Minnesota. The program officially launches in July of 2015, but for many families with sick children, that wait is still too long. Just across the border, one River Falls, Wisconsin family has turned to another alternative: The Hemp Plant.

Several families whose children have seizure disorders have migrated to Colorado to gain access to a form of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. But Joe and Jill Karras couldn’t make that move due to their family business and turned to a form of cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil to treat their son’s severe seizures.

“It was amazing, we couldn’t believe it, it got better and better,” said Joe Karras.

The legalities surrounding hemp aren’t simple, as hemp is still classified as illegal under federal law, but even so, families are turning to the secondary hemp oil industry that has emerged since the popularity of Charlotte’s Web. New hemp oil companies say they’ve found a way to legally operate as a national debate grows on whether to legalize growing hemp in the United States.

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