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Essential Products Of Hemp

Essential Products Of Hemp

Written By: Mr. Ganja

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants that can grow in any climate.

It requires very less fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides to survive. The uses of the hemp plants are amazing and can be ranged widely starting right from cloth manufacturing to beauty care products.

Hemp seeds are used as fodder and food. These seeds can also be processed for producing hemp oil. Their stalks provide fiber that is used in textile, rope, clothing, paper and in manufacturing building products. Amazingly, hemp plant’s biomass is also used for producing fuel. There is no wonder that this one plant can provide everything that a human needs to lead his life like, food, cloth, shelter, medicine and fuel.

Ecological Benefits of Hemp:

· This is an excellent renewable resource and absorb Co2 hugely than any other plants or trees
· It can supply raw materials, even for thousands of years, unlike any other fossils
· It requires only less herbicide and fertilizers to grow
· In textile and paper production, hemp can be processed without the need for toxic chemicals
· It can grow in any climate and soil type

Economic Benefits of Hemp:

· Hemp is an excellent biomass producer, as you can produce 10 tons in just 3 months approximately
· Hemp clothing will last even longer than cotton cloths
· It is possible to recycle hemp clothing in paper production
Hemp Product Stocks-Uses of Hemp in Various Products Production:

Hemp Food Products:

· Hemp seeds are considered to be the perfect and a legal food product
· Hemp seeds contain protein and oil in these seeds are rich in linolenic and lanolin acids
· Hemp is a good source of protein, iron and calcium
· It is also rich in Omega -3
· It is considered to be an effective dietary supplement ingredient

Hemp Body Care Products:

· Hemp oil is one of the popular body care products
· Hemp is used in various cosmetics like shampoos, body butters, face creams, hair care and more
· It is also used in baby care products and skin care, particularly to treat skin problems like dermatitis and eczema

Medicinal Hemp Products:

· The medicinal uses of hemp were described even 4000 years ago
· It current medicine, hemp is used for treating nausea, pain
· It is used for treating sleeping disorders, glaucoma, lack of appetite and autoimmune diseases

Hemp Fuel Products:

· Fuel is the by-product of hemp
· Biodiesel is one of the major bi-product of hemp
· Biofule from its fibrous stalks is another fuel product of hemp

Hemp Manufacturing Products:

· Hemp is used in natural fiber production, as it is durable and strong
· It is used in the manufacture of nets, webbing, carpet, sacking and in rope
· Hemp is widely used in paper manufacturing

Besides these wonderful uses of Hemp, it is also used in making amazing crafts and jewelry. This further proves that, hemp products stocks are never limited and it is wide spread.

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