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Cooking With Hemp

By Michelle Locke
AP writer

There are books about cooking with herbs. And then there are books about cooking with herb.

Yes, we’re talking cannabis cuisine, a small niche in the culinary world but one that is drawing more interest as the legalization movement moves pot closer to the mainstream.

“When I sell books personally at events like Seattle Hempfest and Denver County Fair, response has been huge in those states that have newly legalized, and I will sell hundreds of copies over a weekend,” says Elise McDonough, author of the The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, which grew out of the recipe column in the 40-year-old magazine.

McDonough, who lives in Santa Cruz, Calif., has a new book out this summer, Marijuana for Everybody, which includes a chapter on cooking with cannabis, as well as advice on selecting edibles from newly legal retailers in Washington state and Colorado, the two states that allow the recreational use of marijuana.

“I think as the legalization juggernaut continues to roll across the nation, you’re going to see a lot more interest and a lot more books,” McDonough says.

Finding hard data on pot cookbook sales is tough. But a look at Amazon’s rankings show that several, including McDonough’s, are enjoying renewed sales vigor, particularly considering their specialty status and that most are at least several years old. McDonough says about 35,000 copies of theHigh Times cookbook have sold, a respectable total for a niche genre.

Titles in the marijuana cookbook category include The Ganja Cookbook Revolution by Jessica Catalano, Baked: Over 50 Tasty Marijuana Treats, and The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook, by Cheri Sicard.

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