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Connecticut Leaning Towards Hemp

Connecticut studying whether hemp can be a new cash crop

Written By: Gregory B. Hladky

In msbury, there’s a farmer who would like to “throw some hemp seed in the ground and see how it grows.”A Bolton entrepreneur thinks hemp pellets could be used in stoves, and a University of Connecticut scientist is convinced that hemp seed and oil used for nutritional additives could become a high-profit crop.

Unfortunately for them, it’s illegal to grow hemp — a close but non-intoxicating relative of marijuana — in Connecticut unless you obtain special permission from federal drug authorities.

That may be about to change. Three state agencies are now studying the prospects for growing hemp in Connecticut. They plan to offer recommendations for licensing and regulating hemp growers to the legislature in January.”I think it’s got to become part of our agricultural economy again,” said Nevin Christensen, the Simsbury farmer who would like to experiment with growing hemp on his family’s 45 acres. “It has so many uses. We never should have banned it.”
“It is a concept in these economic times that we ought to be looking at,” said state Rep. Melissa Ziobron, R-East Haddam, who has proposed that Connecticut consider allowing cultivation of industrial hemp.

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