24 Jun 2017

Investing in Hemp

Investing in Hemp This is Better Than Drug Money. Written By: Jeff Siegel http://www.energyandcapital.com/editors/jeff-siegel Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, the plant is finding its way into more than

26 Aug 2016

Our Planet’s Most Essential Resource

Let’s talk about the planet. Let’s talk about nature. Let’s talk about HEMP. Written By:-Matthew Frederick Cool Fact There were at least 60 tons of Hemp on the U.S.S. Constitution alone – by

06 Aug 2015

Tennessee Hemp Plants Receive Their First Inspections

Inspections are underway today on Tennessee hemp farms. Written By: Matthew Frederick mfrederick79@gmail.com For the first time in more than 7 decades, Tennessee farmers are legally tending to their hemp crops. In January, State

06 Jul 2015

Progress Continues In Salem On House Bill 2668.

House Bill 2668 will spend the July 4th weekend on the Senate desk in Salem Oregon. The bill awaits its third reading after a 9-0 vote by the committee on June 23rd. Written

17 Jun 2015

Family Explores Healing Powers Of Hemp

Wis. Family Explores Haling Powers Of Hemp Lindsey Seavert, KARE RIVER FALLS, Wis. – It will be six months before medical marijuana will become legal in Minnesota. The program officially launches in July

04 Feb 2015

Ganja Interests

Ganja Interests Wary Of Internal Business Rivalry Written By: Neville Graham, Business Reporter Despite strong ministerial and legislative signals, segments of the marijuana lobby are unsure that sufficient protections will be afforded to

06 Dec 2014

Could Hemp Cause A Manufacturing Boom

If congress pushes this agricultural plot bill. We could see a brand new manufacturing boom within the hemp industry. A controversial plant could fuel a new agricultural and manufacturing boom in New York,

14 Nov 2014

The Real Usability Of Hemp Naturally

 Usability of Hemp Growing Naturally Written By: Mr. Ganja Hemp is recognized as one the most useful plants that is being cultivated to produce manifold stuffs all across the world. Basically this plant